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Everyone has a story to tell. Show yours with our style!

PepperLilly was created for the fashion forward and free-spirited gals! With endless summer nights and festivals in it’s essence, it fuses classic bohemian romance with fun and flirty chic. This unique blend was the vision of co-founders Xara and Allie. Inspired by Xara’s vibrant spice in her wardrobe and Allie’s sweet and fun style, PepperLilly caters to it’s ‘Vintage Gypsetters’.

The signature PepperLilly look is it’s extraordinary patterns, paisley prints, faux furs, and fun textures to lavish our gypsetters with the best in fashion. We love and cherish  our unique sense of style, consequently we only carry a limited quantity of our garments for exclusivity.

“Pepperlilly is not a brand you wear, it’s a brand you live!”