We get it, unexpected expenses come up and you have to put off from buying that cute dress. Sometimes you have to budget -- but sometimes you have to treat yourself too! That's where Afterpay comes in to play. Afterpay gives you a guilt-free shopping experience!!!


What is AfterPay?

AfterPay is an online payment method (very popular in Australia and the UK, and now in the U.S.) that allows you to pay for your online purchases after receiving it. AfterPay emails you an invoice with a standard payment period of every 2 weeks (bi-weekly). AfterPay is convenient, secure and we’re one of the first retailers (along with Urban Outfitters & Anthropologie) to have it in the U.S.!


Is there a minimum amount I have to purchase?

Yes! The AfterPay option is available for orders being placed within the United States which total $35 USD or more.


Why should I use AfterPay?

AfterPay is all about convenience. Your order gets shipped right away, and you pay bi-weekly in four easy installments, over 8 weeks. You can also choose to pay it off earlier than the given 8 week period. You can use AfterPay for all orders up to $1000 USD and there is NO interest or added fees. Totally winning!


How do I use AfterPay?

To be eligible to use Afterpay, you must complete the following criteria:

  • Have a debit/credit card
  • Be 18 years of age or older

Sound like you? Select AfterPay as your payment method on the checkout page, and enter your details with AfterPay when you're done. Simple!


Will Afterpay affect my credit?

AfterPay does NOT do credit checks. You're instantly approved! So it won’t affect your credit history.


How does AfterPay work? (the total breakdown)

There's NO INTEREST or added fees. You simply put 25% of the total purchase down at the time of purchase. It’s like lay-a-way, but with instant gratification! Payments are automatically deducted from your debit/credit card in four equal payments (bi-weekly) and your order is shipped as normal, so there's no wait! To use Afterpay, you will need and regular debit or credit card and you’re instantly approved!


PLEASE NOTE: When you order with Afterpay, you will need 25% of the total order in your account when you select Afterpay as your method of payment. If you do not have the funds in your account, AfterPay will decline your order. We recommend ordering on pay day just to be sure funds are available!
Happy Shopping, The LillyTribe!


Futher information regarding AfterPay can be viewed directly on the AfterPay website at the link below.

Sizing Chart
US / CANADA 2/4 6/8 10/12
BUST (in) 35-36 37-38 39-40
WAIST (in) 27-28 29-30 31-32
HIP (in) 36-37 38-39 40-41
UK  8/10 12/14 16/18
EUROPE 36/38 40/42 44/46